Wine tourism - visiting the Ca' di Pesa winery and tasting our wines

No image, however passionate and talented the photographer, will ever fully convey the engulfing feeling of standing among these hills, surrounded by thousands of years of history and a scenery that is second to none; just as no wine can be experienced from a distance. 
As human beings, we rely on our senses to form the experiences which we later cherish and remember. We bought and developed Ca' di Pesa  and our wines with the intention of sharing our passion with as many people as possible, conveying our love for this region and the great things that it offers. Our winery is open for visits and tastings - all we ask is that you give us a heads-up to make sure that we organize the best vineyard tour and Chianti Classico wine tasting possible!
If you wish to visit our property and taste our wines, drop us a line using any of our contacts, or by filling our request form at the link below.